Saturday, September 25, 2010

A few of my favorite things

Before I start my blog...I have to make a promise to mom that I will clean my very messy closet as soon as she gets done helping me make my first post. Be sure to check back for the "after" pic. when I'm done cleaning it.
This is my favorite t-shirt cause it has a guitar on it, cool shoes and hot pink. I love high top shoes.About my closet, I have alot more clothes that are like this (mom: but they're on the floor!!!)
I walked into my room today. My feet were covered with clothes. I know I have to clean it, but I do not want to. Funny thing is that I'm finding alot of things I lost! I knew I was supposed to clean it 2 weeks before but I been playing with my friends instead thats my excuse. Now I have no choice but to clean it 'cause I'm not allowed to play unless its clean!
These are my favorite stuffed animals. The bear is one that my mom & dad made for me before I was born. The whale is from the $ store. But it reminded me of a field trip I took at school last year.The Pluto is from our trip to disney a couple years ago. I took that one because the mouth is covering up the eyes and I was afraid if I didn't buy him no one else would. The green frog and the pink google are webkinz that came from santa last year. I got like 20 more in a garbage bag. I guess santa ran out of wrapping paper. Whatever! Fine with me as long as it under the tree!And last but not least the dragon is from disney too. I won it from a game.About Disney...I found a power ranger action figure in a bush. Pretty cool! And it still worked. Push a button and it says"HIIIIIYAAAA"!

At school we have to read at home 20mins each night. I read 20 mins and then I write for 20mins. So I guess I am going to be a better reader and writer at the same time.
I"m going to play my wii game now. It is called wii play. There are all different games one of the games are where you ride on a cow and you have to knock over all these scare crows and when ever you push the "A" button the cow & you jump and the cow says "WEEEEEHAAWWWWW"! Awkward for a cow to say!

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