Saturday, October 30, 2010

The last couple weeks

A couple of weeks ago I had a sleep over with my friend Kristin. She is a bug lover. We caught about 20 grasshoppers! 2 of them were GINORMUS!!! I almost peed my pants when they jumped up at us! We both have the same webkiz frog. Kristin named her frog "Pochie". And I didn't have a name for mine yet, so she suggested to name it "Poochie". They're identical! Except for one thing....hers has a hole in the stomach & the fur is worn out. Weird thing for a frog to have fur! But I guess since its a stuffed animal it should have hair. Something we played with her frog was ...we took little lego people and dropped it from the top of the stairs and landed them on the frog. It was fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my pumpkin. We decorated it. It was fun. I made it "throw up" pumpkin chunks! I didn't look right. Gross but funny!  Sorry I'm not writing that much stuff cause I'm listing to this song called "DYNAMITE". Dads playing it super loud for me! Bye for now!

Monday, October 11, 2010

My 4 day weekend!

Here I am playing with silly string. My sister and I had a silly string fight! The color of my string is yellowish-green. I am wearing HUGE sunglasses. We have to wear them so the silly string does not get in our eyes. When I was looking for sunglasses in the house, these were the last ones I could find because my sister & mom got 2 sunglasses that were already taken.
I'm going to show a picture of my sister after I sprayed her!!
I made her get drenched in silly string!! After we collected all the silly string we made it to a big ball I was holding it and I threw it at my mom!!! She was surprised! Then she threw it back at me!! We were both drenched. It was FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Things I did this week......

I went to my schools open house last week. This is my diorama and report. My animal for my diorama is a Jaguar. It looks like my animal is a turtle but it is a Jaguar. I made everything at home. Everything is made out of paper. My mom was happy to see all the stuff in my classroom.My Dad had to stay home with sister cause she was sick. So we took lots of pictures for them to see.

There was also a book fair. The book I got is called "Diary of a wimpy kid-the last straw".  I'm on page 53 so far. There is one part that I like. It is when the character Greg has to do his report on a chimpanzee. He has to do a 4 page report. So then he just made the words bigger & drawed pictures next to it so he didn't have to write so much! Funny! At the end he said " well, I guess I'm out of paper now. So I guess this is  THE END! Funny ! :)

This is my best friend and me catching butterflies. We live in a field. So we have lots of butterflies by us. We catch them and put them in jars. I've caught a monarch before. My sister likes to look at them when me and my friend catch them. We usually let the butterflies go the next day. But one time I forgot to let one go and it died :(
One thing is that we usually wear flip flops when we go into the field. There are lots of prickly weeds with thorns and we get alot of them stuck in our feet!

This is my dog Lucy. Her real name is Lucette Diana . Sometimes we call her LU LU for short. Alot of my friends want to play with Lucy when ever they come over. She is 6 years old. We got her at a pet store. I have 2 cats. There names are Annie and Molly. I got them at a shelter which is better then a pet store. We try to get animals that are at shelters to rescue them. We are trying to look for a dog at some shelters. About my dog....she sometimes comes in my room at night and snuggles with me. She is a yorkie poo. We think either her mom or dad is a poodle and the other is a yorkie.

I'll post a picture of my clean closet when I finish cleaning it because its not exactly clean yet! Thats all for now!